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BA155 DMCC Business Centre Level 1 P O BOX 340505,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our vision

Empowering MENA’s health care and insurance to lead by Industry 4.0


Forward thinking digital infrastructure, connected market players, synchronized data lakes, predictive insights, monetization of assets, and standardization for a better affordable public health.

Insurance payers

Personalized product offerings, advance actuarial, embraced member journey, non-intervention claim processing, intelligent fraud detection, responsive customer service and automated sales for improved ROI.

Health care facilities

Seamless patient journey, intelligent accurate diagnostic, telemedicine, effective CRM setup, automated connectivity for approvals and claims submission, and supportive core system for better health outcome.

Technology providers

Sourcing clients, new market entry, implementation support, POC adoption and configuration, collaborative alliances, market benchmark, right pricing points and in-depth market expertise for mature and startup tech.

Firas Khabour

Managing Director of Innovestor
Our Services

Strategy, Execution to Rollout

We are with you in every step of the way to fulfil your vision in a bespoke agile engagement that suits your base   

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Innovestor DMCC, See how we’ve helped ambitious clients achieve extraordinary outcomes. Innovestor DMCC, See how we’ve helped ambitious clients achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Why Choose us?

Effective, unique and personalized guidance

We are with you at every step of the way to see you succeed. We know the business and its relevant old and new technologies. Our unique setup brings you first class expertise at a bargain.   


Financial Growth

Our solutions are ROI focused that aim to increase sales, decrease operational costs, minimize financial risks, increase productivity, and eliminate waste

Lean Operation

Automation aims to free your operational experts from low value activities, eliminate human errors and biases, and accelerate response time internally and externally

Intelligent Insights

Revolutionize the way business is conducted by syncing market, operational and financial data-lakes into custom fit algorithms for real-time decisions and triggers over dashboards and integrated automations
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To deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity, we help you lead the market’s digital revolution while benefiting your customer base, employees and board members. 

Our unique culture and our differentiated approach

We maintain an extended pool of diverse regional and international experts that surgically inserted per need.

Solving the business's biggest problems

We encourages creative thinking, collaboration, individuality, and diversity. We seek collaborative market approach.

MENA suitable solutions

We experts in MENA's regulatory frameworks and the uniqueness of each country business dynamics.

Advantages of working with all industry pillars

Working with government entities, private and public payers, health care providers and technologies is uniquely advantageous to bridge the gap and accelerate digital adoption

Our Engagement Methodology


Consultation (free)

A one hour friendly introductions that incudes client priorities orientation, identifying cooperation interest points, brainstorm potential appraches, and plan scoping for initial engagement

Scoping (free)

Meeting with clients experts of the area of interest. Conduct operation and system reviews that identify quickest path for effective results. Define scope of opportunity and technologies needed


Bespoke approach to realize your objectives. Agile execution with quick wins to build organizational buy in. Engaging external technologies and experts. Building inhouse capability


BA155 DMCC Business Centre Level 1 P O BOX 340505, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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