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A specialized digital transformation consultancy with focus on MENA region.  Our specialization extends to insurance, health care and governments visions of the future. 

Innovestor maintains its relevance by active engagements with variety of stakeholders in all markets in the region. Foreseeing the future and engage in shaping it are at the core of our mission.   

Our unique business setup cultivates a deep pool of experts and a network of partners to ensure excellence in guiding and supporting clients objectives with least overhead. 

Firas Khabour

Managing Director of Innovestor

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The Team

Our employees and experts are the engine behind Innovestor successes. Their passion empowers our unwavering commitment to revolutionize insurance and healthcare industries and contribute to MENA region wellness. 

Benefiting from our decades of experience, our dedicated team of professionals demonstrates exceptional expertise in comprehending the ramifications of regulatory changes within the insurance and healthcare sectors. Moreover, we count on their profound understanding of the market forces that influence shifts in care delivery, government evolving role, and payers’ models, and how these changes impact business dynamics.

Our team is well-versed in all facets of digital systems sourcing, integration, development and delivery. They adeptly handle every stage of the process to ensure seamless technical and operational project success from inception to conclusion.

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